• P&S Ravioli Best of Philly

    Better Than Homemade!

    Even though P&S has six area stores and its ravioli are widely available in local supermarkets, we hadn’t heard of them. Shame on us. This plump ravioli was the clear favorite, with a slightly sweet interior with undertones of pecorino romano and parsley. The pasta’s thickness and consistency were perfect.

    -- Philadelphia Magazine
  • P&S Ravioli Best of Philly

    Mama’s Pasta!!!

    P&S Ravioli has all the right stuffings, and they’re about three times the size of wimpy little modern ravioli. The choice of four out of five grandmothers.

    -- Best of Philly
  • P&S Ravioli South Philadelphia Review Readers Choice Award

    Three Years in a Row

    The South Philadelphia readers have spoken! P&S Ravioli took home first place 3 years in a row for Best Fresh Pasta.

    -- The Philadelphia Review

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