To Our Family of Customers,

In times like these, we’re here to take care of our staff, our customers, and our community. The growth of P&S Ravioli Company is the result of a “labor of love” so it only feels natural to show everyone some love.

As we’re closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19, ensuring that our staff and guests are in a clean and safe environment, our stores remain open, and our operating hours are staying the same.

During this period of heightened concern, our team has been taking extra precautions to promote a healthy and safe environment for all our guests and employees. Our number one goal is to always keep our employees and customers safe. Our sanitation practices have always been of the highest standards, however, in lieu of recent events, we have taken additional measures.

  • Employees are to stay home if they show any signs of illness.
  • Our factory and all of our retail stores, including equipment, tables, chairs, menus, counters, tools, floors, shelves, and offices including conference rooms, breakrooms, restrooms are being cleaned several times a day with a CDC certified disinfectant.
  • Our Management Team is working closely with our employees to ensure clear communication to our employees and to monitor our employees’ health.

Thank you to all our customers who continue to shop and order from us. If you want to stop in, we hope you are able to find comfort, friends, and smiles along the way. Stay healthy. Wash your hands. Drink wine. Take care of your families. We’re here.

Warm Regards,
P&S Ravioli Company

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